Jan 2019 F1 HELP

Christmas in Rumyantsev Village

Christmas is the period of the when the whole world is celebrating Jesus Christ birth, sharing joy and gifts. People celebrate Christmas on January 7 in some villages on the territory of the former Soviet Union. The EXIT project team, together with the Social Children's Center from Svetly village, prepared a festive program and 360 gifts for the children of Rumyantsev village.

Every person at the EXIT project clubs knew about the upcoming F1 Help campaign and about the opportunity to make a special gift to a child from Rumyantsev village. More than 50 club members wanted to fill in specially prepared gift boxes and make a present to someone they dont' t know.


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The F1 Help campaign took place on January 5, 2019. About 150 children from socially vulnerable families received gifts. A team of 30 people made a funny and edifying program. Some parents were also present. The program included songs, lottery, theatrical production, games, congratulations and a lot of communication. This year these children received their first gifts from a team of volunteers F1 Help. You can only imagine how happy and joyful they were.




After all the F1 Help team shared gifts, going into the houses where other children were.  It turned out even to congratulate an additional 4 families with a large number of children in the neighboring village. The joy of these families caused in volunteers more love and aspiration to do more for the people around.

It is important to notice that such events are a gкуфе opportunity to habituate yourself and others to love your neighbors, not only by receiving, but also by giving.

Thanks to all those who support EXIT project and donate a part of themselves to disadvantaged families of Moldova.