1. Introduction

1.1. Context and Prerequisites for Activities


Mission: Motivating the Moldovan youth to create a socially healthy generation   
The purpose of this EXIT project is:
Revival of active and meaningful life of teenagers aged from 13 to 18 years in at least 10 villages in Moldova by 2023 by using the funds provided by AO Viata Fara Limita and potential sponsors.

Viața Fără Limită Non-Governmental Organization by means of the EXIT Project has been working with teenagers in Moldova since 2006 and it is unique in its way since:

  • it creates an alternative for teenagers in rural areas in combating such social problems as alcohol and drug addiction, violence, vagrancy, Internet addiction, teenage sex, migration, broken families, etc.;
  • it motivates teenagers to develop intellectually, physically, socially and spiritually;
  • it promotes the Christian values and principles.

A group of young people has conceived the idea of the project as they have identified the necessity to revive the activities of rural teenagers aged from 13 to 18 years. For this purpose, they involve teenagers in extreme sports and recreation and provide them with opportunities for education and development.

 According to the analyzed data, it is the teenagers in rural areas who are deprived of community attention most of all.

The reasons for this are as follows:


Population (pers)

Yearly %



-0.08 %



-0.23 %




-0.30 %



-0.45 %


1. The difficult economic situation in Moldova causes the migration of the able-bodied population to other countries. Many people leave their children in the care of elderly parents, guardians, often without any adult supervision.

According to the Department of Statistics, in the villages:

  • 161 000 children live with one parent (every 4th child)                                                                                                     
  • 35 000 children live with no parents (every 20th child)

(Data from )

Experts talk about the second wave of migration. The first wave has depopulated villages and towns. Now, residents of municipalities are also ready to go abroad. According to the IDIS Viitorul survey, one third of Moldovan young people are ready to leave the country. (data from 2020,


2. A low level of education and lack of resources necessary for supporting the social development. Corruption in all spheres of business and levels of government has taken a heavy toll on budgetary funding of local rural schools, recruitment of professional personnel, labor remuneration, etc. It has resulted in destroyed school buildings, lack of school equipment and gyms, lack of hobby clubs for children and adolescents, under-education, lack of teachers, etc.  

1.2. Value of Activities

EXIT has been operating since 2006, and the positive result of its activities during these 15 years is visible. By providing an opportunity for an alternative lifestyle, by creating a favourable atmosphere for building relationships with rural children, EXIT strives to expand its field of activity and to cover as many teenagers in need as possible.

Unlike similar organizations in Moldova, the uniqueness of the EXIT activities is manifested in:

- extreme tourism concept of the project, which serves as a special “language” of communication and is easily accepted by teenagers;
- focusing specifically on teenagers in rural areas as they are mostly neglected;
- providing teenagers with the opportunity of full development of the personality, including physical, intellectual, spiritual, and social development.    

According to EXIT, this is the contribution to a healthy, strong, committed generation that is interested in the development of the future of its country.