Dec-Feb 2017

Greetings, dear friends! This is another report of 3 months full of work, events, studies and social activity of project "EXIT".

WEEKLY: Clubs in Chisinau, Kongaz, Svetlii. 60-70 teenagers visit our three clubs every week. Club is the place where teenagers feel themselves safe, cozy, respected and loved. This is the place where they hang out and also learn to work in teams, understand each other, learn how to be safe from social threats.

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WEEKLY: courses "Preparing for Success" in Chisinau, Kongaz, Svetlii. 40-50 teenagers participate in courses in 4 different groups every week. During these three months teenagers were taught following aspects: understanding and controlling emotions, detecting negative settings, understanding specifics of own character, understanding own values, detecting and evaluating own world outlook.

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WEEKLY: EXIT project now has a free English course, that take place in Chisinau club every Saturday 11 AM. Our great English teacher Ilona Oleinic teaches our teenagers for free.

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MONTHLY: All leaders and helping volunteers gather for a common dinner as well as for a team building, we analyse what we do and strive to be better.

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QUARTERLY: In January EXIT clubs participants went to an orphanage in Chadir Lunga at south of Moldova. This is a part of a sub project called "EXIT F1 Help". Teenagers has put a lot of effort to gather some decent Christmas present for orphanage residents, made a great distraction and Christmas story play. Also we have manage to fulfill orphanage director's request to bring a pair of slippers to all kids. Big thanks to Moldavian shoe company "OLDCOM" for partnering with us for this project and providing great slippers for the kids.

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At the beginning of January we had a possibility to organize a great REST day for all EXIT clubs leaders. Every hard worker deserves a decent rest. So we had a great day at a beautiful place, having pizza, playing board games, talking and sleeping :)

2017-10-31 18_31_33.png

In February our leaders team participated in a powerful team development event called "Battery", main goal of such events is to develop management in teams, to teach some trending team models, and to challenge leaders to ask themselves some hard questions.

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