Dec 2019 F1 HELP

10 happy homes plus

About 50 people from ExitFlash and ExitCongaz clubs and from the Chisinau CRAC Social Center (Centru Resurs si Ajutori pentru Copii) have already helped 10 lonely elders, that even native children forgot about, in Sofievka village. All organizational issues were managed till 11 a.m. on that day: preparation of all participants in F1 HELP, division into teams of 8-10 people, explanation of safety measures, distribution of inventory. 5 teams worked in 10 houses. They sawed and chopped firewood, stacked these firewood carefully in the right places, made cleaning in the houses and courtyards. Participants communicated and gave elders gifts (groceries from Switzerland), calendars and literature after completion of work. It was amazing to see their happy faces and tears of joy. Social workers of this village approached the participants of F1 HELP and thanked them for helping these people with such an good initiative.






After the work was done, all the teams had a delicious lunch and continued to communicate and share their impressions with each other. At this time, they were visited by the Mayor of Sofievka village. He also thanked everyone for such a kind contribution to the elder's lives and even said that he would allocate special funds to help these families in the future. We are glad that we were able to bring people a little warmth and happiness in these difficult days for them.



Please, read the story below.

One of the elders, 80 years
"...after the death of my wife my children began to quarrel and share property right at the funeral procedure. It came to a fight right at the funeral. It hurt me to watch this. After a couple of days, one of the daughters came and burned all the things of the mother. After all this, my sons beat me to the blood several times. I was left alone, no one needs. They robbed me a couple of times. All I have left is a donkey, which I use sometimes to bring some branches, so that I can bask in the winter. I thank you for what you have done for me. This is a great gift..."

Sofia Kolenko.
"I am 14 years old and am in the 7th grade.
I met the Exit club this year. This Saturday I went to the village of Sofievka by my own free will in order to help older people with disabilities and widows. I was cleaning the house, carrying firewood, and much more. I liked this event because I enjoyed helping people and learned a lot. Such events are good in terms of helping people, also we learn to interact with a team of cheerful, kind and helpful people. My wishes include that we could help as many people in need as possible."

Great Thank to all who dedicated himself to help people who are in need!