May 2019 Camp

Perfect way to finish Spring season

It's time to say goodbye to Spring and meet Summer. May 24-26. About 70 people took part in the grand and long-awaited event of the EXIT project. 

It all began with the preparation of the camp by ten organizers who had left for the forest with all the equipment the day before. On the scheduled day, everything was ready for launch. 30 minutes remained before the arrival of all the participants, when it began to rain heavily with hail. Thanks to partners in the Svetly village, the guys were able to stay at the Children's Center for the night. And in the morning of the next day they arrived at their destination in the forest. Everyone's mood was wonderful! The program has begun!


All participants were divided into 2 teams according to the good old tradition. The teams participated in the Three Ball games, Helping the Wounded, Gaga-ball, Catch the Rooster (no, they did not catch him) and much more. And when the rain was drizzling, everyone was warming themselves around the fire, dancing and enjoying conversations under a big tight tarp between the trees. 



In the evening, everyone gathered for a general event. Show men amused everyone with games and funny contests! After that, everyone sang familiar and favorite songs, as well as communicated on the topic “What am I looking for?”. After the snack, the guys could go to the prepared tents for sleep. But most chose to stay involved in the game "Library". The most courageous and sociable remained at the fire until the very morning!



In the morning, after the breakfast, there was another discussion on the topics “Remove the excess” and “The Paradox of searching”. Then they all played paintball. The teams gathered again at the central base at the end of the program. The winners of club mass games and the winners of joint games received their prizes. All participants were so happy to spend these 3 days together!


The Exit Project The project completed another great season, full of kindness, joy, extreme, meaning and hope that we will all meet again soon! Many thanks to the project coordinators, leaders and volunteers of clubs in the villages, as well as to all those who support the EXIT Project! You give a part of yourself to the benefit of those whose lives are changing! Thank you!