Dec-Feb 2022

New Generation of Great Leaders!

Let us introduce you these wonderful people. They are still very young, but they managed to win the hearts of dozens of teenagers, proved to be inspiring leaders and took the responsibility to create a bright and unforgettable life within the framework of the EXIT project for teenagers in our country!

Eric. The leader of the ExitFlash club in the village of Svetly. Fighter for truth, serious and talented.

Nikita. ExitNarnia club leader in Ceadir-Lunga. Charismatic, positive and encouraging.

Alexandra-Olesya. ExitWay club leader in Albota village. Attractive and charging others with optimism, courageous and resolute.

David. LiveStream club leader in the village of Vulcanesti. Purposeful, friendly and sacrificial.

These 4 activists are trying to do their best so that the daily life of the EXIT Project benefits many and everyone. The past winter season was filled with unforgettable events and meetings for the project participants. let's see what happened with leadership of these amazing young people.

EXIT clubs. As you already know, these are weekly meetings for the teenagers from the area where the clubs are held. There were 12 meetings in each club in winter time. Each club holds meetings according to the program written in advance by the project coordinators. At least 100 teenagers every week are immersed in an atmosphere of friendship, soaked in the positive influence of the team of volunteers and receive answers to many of their questions. Each club was visited by guests who shared their life experiences. So there were a lot of funny and instructive moments! 

















Official opening of the ExitWay in Albota. The participants began to gather in the autumn, but this winter was the festive opening of the club. They could no longer wait until the repair of another building for them was ready (this is another +2 months according to our calculations). A new team of volunteer leaders, led by Alexandra, has already gained the attention of most of the youth in the area and are looking forward to moving to a more convenient building for clubs. Members of the local church each week help to bring and drive the guys to meetings and back home. It's impressive! The EXITWAY club is another place of love, acceptance and friendship for rural young people! We wish you success guys!



Christmas! We usually have a big group party. But this year it was decided to hold Christmas events locally. Friends of the EXIT Project made sure that each member of the clubs received a gift and felt a family holiday. After all, this is so lacking when young people live in disadvantaged families, sometimes without parents at all. 






Dinner for Leaders. The Friday that all organizers of EXIT clubs are waiting for! Evening for young like-minded people! Yes, we had a great dinner, talked and were inspired. At the January meeting for leaders, each team was challenged to read the book “Through Dust and Ashes” (translation), after which a Quiz will take place in March - a quiz about this book. For two months, the teams read this book, discussed the ideas and developed the new skills. The book teaches the right model of leadership and service to people! 





The EXIT Project thanks all volunteers, assistants and club leaders for your immeasurable work! The EXIT Project team thanks all the friends of the project who donated for the activities of all existing clubs, thereby making a contribution to the spiritual, physical, moral and intellectual development and the formation of a new generation in Moldova.

Thank you very much! Your support means a lot to us!