Sep-Nov 2021

New forces arrived!

The Fall Season of 2021 has delighted with many bright events. But the most significant for the EXIT Project was the addition of two new clubs at once!

GRAND OPENING. After several weeks of rest for the leaders-volunteers of the EXIT Project in September, the opening of a new season was scheduled for project participants. In addition to the main operating clubs, teenagers from two new villages were invited: Vulcanesti and Albota. It was a wonderful time for new acquaintances, active outdoor games in the forest, a competitive course of nine game points. The goal of all the events was not only to identify the winner, but also to work on building team spirit. At the end of the event, a small concert was prepared for everyone, where everyone could sing familiar songs.







But this was not enough!

GRAND OPENING #2. The invited teenagers from the new villages told their friends about the EXIT Project. And they also wanted to spend an unforgettable time. The organizers decided to make an extended separate event specifically for the teenagers of the two new villages. On this day, the participants played PAINTBALL and other games. Then a forest-type dinner and a concert were organized for everyone. About 60 young people were greatly impressed by the environment they saw, where kindness, friendship, joy and sincerity reigned. 






CLUBS. As you already know, in every locality where the EXIT project is being implemented, volunteer leaders and their assistants organize weekly meetings at a specific designated place. We call these events clubs. So, simultaneously, every week there are clubs now in 4 villages! Each team of leaders has a developed program for the whole year. Each member of the leadership team understands their importance and task - to give love to those who are just as young as they are. Achieving synergy, meetings remain in the memory of adolescents for a long time. In addition, each meeting is a challenge for a young person to change for the better spiritually, emotionally, intellectually and physically.

An experienced servant of the EXIT team Alexandra (at first she was a member of the club in the Svetly village , then she became an assistant and now she is the leader) does her best to influence teenagers in their native village now. She has a burning desire to organize EXIT clubs in the village of Albota. This is the 4th# club. The team has formed, meetings with teenagers are already being held, but not as regularly as we would like, because now their meeting room is under renovation process. 

We thank each member of the clubs for loyalty and consistency, for the desire to swim "against the tide". We thank each member of the EXIT teams for their dedication and a big heart to be a friend for their generation and influence by positive example.











F1 HELP sub-project. We have done a lot of good this season with the help of Exit Supporters. One of the activities was assistance to lonely elderly people in the village of Ceadir-Lunga. Volunteers with project participants found several houses where they were able to chop wood, clean the house and the yard, and talk to the owners. Such events remain forever in the memory and hearts of recipients and volunteers. In addition, 5 more events were organized, where project participants delivered food packages, clothes, warm blankets and pillows, bed linen and much more. You can read in more detail here (the article Fall Blessings). That was incredible!



DINNER. This is a traditional evening expected by all leaders! The first dinner in October showed us the scale of the teams - there are more and more young leaders in the Project! At the first evening, the teams could get to know each other better and introduce themselves. The second meeting took place in November, dedicated to Thanksgiving Day. All 4 teams were assembled. At both meetings we have great fun, have a delicious and appetizing dinner, we pray, sing and share edification. Of course, we miss such a meeting that is only once a month. But, this gives the value and importance of this evening! With such a small gesture, the management and coordinators of the project show gratitude and a symbolic "reward" for the time and involvement of the volunteers. 


Thanks to every person who supports the Project with any help! The existence of the EXIT Project is impossible without you. You are a huge part of the EXIT movement! Thank you!