F1 HELP Fall Blessings

It happened!

Dear Friends, do you remember that at the beginning of autumn season we had a great desire to help much more people in need in the villages of Moldova? So, there were those people, thanks to whom and together with whom it was possible to organize actions of good in 4 villages in the southern part of our country: Svetlyi, Cheadir-Lunga, Albota, Vulcanesti! It was an incredible time for both the EXIT project participants and the beneficiaries! 

Mrs. Ria van Der Vis with a team in the Netherlands, as well as friends of the EXIT Project in Chisinau responded to our request and did everything possible so that dozens of needy lonely elderly people, single mothers with children, disabled people, children from disadvantaged families received many blessings. The EXIT Project coordinators divided the assistance into 4 parts. Leaders, assistants and participants of the EXIT Project gathered on the appointed dates and walked through the pre-planned houses in the villages, visiting the beneficiaries. How much joy and happiness there was! People were grateful to tears for food packages, warm and soft blankets and pillows, knitted warm clothes for children, clothes for adults and more. It was not so easy for leaders and coordinators to organize the distribution process. On the one hand, they had to communicate with the beneficiaries and explain that there are kind people who want to share with them and this is free of charge. On the other hand, to communicate with the surprised and periodically stalled new teenagers participants of the EXIT Project and explain that the life of many people in their villages is much more complicated, poorer and more problematic than one could imagine. People were very grateful for the help! You can see some of them in the photos below.












The fifth part of the autumn sub-project F1 HELP was the organization of a small program for young children of primary school who come for extended hours after school to the Children's Center in the village of Svetly. Usually, volunteer teachers  do their homework with them in this center, teach children to read, improve their knowledge in all subjects and invest good Christian values. These young children are most often from disadvantaged families. And then one of their usual days an unusual thing happened to them. After class, they were asked to stay for a short time, the Exit Project volunteers made a small program for them and gifted them with handmade knitted clothes from Netherlands, Texel Island! A warm sweater and hat were selected for each child. Some children asked to take extra things for their relatives that are home. An the next day almost all of these children went to Children's Center in these warm and beautifull clothes! It was a pleasure to watch them!




Thanks to everyone who participated in the autumn sub-project F1 HELP. By supporting this activity, you both help those people in need, and influence the young generation of Moldova, teaching them the highest values  in life and setting an example by your contribution to the lives of people you do not even know! Be blessed!