Dec-Feb 2023

Eyewitnesses say

".. In 2021, I found out about Exit, my friend invited me, I decided to come because I was interested. I had a very good impression and delight from the first club. I like it here. Interesting games, communication with people and new acquaintances. The exit influenced me in a good way, I became more sociable." TK, 15

".. I decided to come, as a lot of guys went here, talked with each other. It was a lot of fun at my first club, I got good impressions. There are a lot of kind people here, it motivates me to come. I began to understand more about who God is." HV, 15

".. I was invited by a friend in March 2022. I decided to come. I got inspiration and joy from the first club. I like the hot topics that come up in the clubs. If the club suddenly ceases to exist, I will miss friendly and nice gatherings, games and just heartfelt tea parties๐Ÿ’œ. I became less radical about faith. I respect other people's beliefs." GM, 19






".. I've heard from friends about Exit. First impressions were very bright and positive. And most importantly, I liked what they talk about God. At the moment I like interesting and funny games. Well, here they give yummy things also ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜‰. Yes, I was very influenced by EXIT. I learned a lot of interesting things about God here. That He loves us helps us in difficult times. I began to look at the world more openly." SC, 22

".. I decided to come here with my sister and did not regret it. I really liked the atmosphere and the people who were there, I wanted to visit it many more times. In fact, at the moment I live from Tuesday to Tuesday, .. I hardly go anywhere, and there are so many nice people there and everyone is so friendly. I like everything, I am grateful that there is an Exit. ..I try to be as active as possible and be a more open and friendly person." DG, 22




".. The first emotions were wonderful! I like the Exit team, its purposes, the possibility of spiritual development for me and the people around. I would like to be here as often as possible. Here I found like-minded people, began to feel myself comfortable." LN, 19

".. I decided to come here because I love youth meetings. I know about Exit for 2 years. I was invited to come by my friend. My first emotions? Unusual, but cool! I love the people in the club. I changed my attitude towards believers." NN, 18




".. My brother invited me. I became interested. I was very glad that I came, it was very interesting, my soul was filled with warmth. Most of all I like communication, ..I started to think more about what's important." MI, 18

".. I heard about the Exit club last fall from my brother, but later I came by myself. He didn't want me to go, but I was bored. I like the atmosphere, the opportunity to come to communicate. There has been a change in my outlook." KD, 15





They are just fine here! movie nights, game nights, discussion evenings, debates, talk shows with invited guests, sometimes a PlayStation 4, food. But the most important thing is free communication with young people with the opportunity to give them hope for a wonderful future and some direction in life that would help them grow!

Big Thanks to the volunteers for their time, effort and love! (Leadership Team Building Meetings via LINK)

Huge Thanks to every Organization and Person-donators who help to thank the EXIT volunteers, as well as for the finances, thanks to which all events are organized for every teenager who comes to EXIT clubs weekly!