Jul-Aug 2017

The biggest event of the Year 2017! It took a lot of time to be ready for it, a lot of preparations to be done, and a lot of happy teenagers to see the feedback

Summer period of the year differs from the others. June month is the beginning of school vacations. Clubs in the villages are closed, while the whole Exit team prepares for the Summer camp.

Preparation for the biggest event of the year implies weekly meetings with all members of the team: inventing a unique program, distribution of all duties, checking of existing equipment, purchase of necessary and much more.

When huge amount of work is done, Exit Summer Extreme Camp starts. AUG 5-12, program "NEW EARTH", subject "the VIKINGS".

All participants were divided into two groups for competitive spirit. 

First 3 days they spent rafting along the Dniester River at day time and camping on river shore at night time. There were a lot of extreme sports competitions, water games aimed at team building. 

A01 (6).jpg

Next 4 days the "vikings" adapted an island in the middle of the river, each team separately one from another. But they continued to fight for a victory, protecting their makeshift shelter in the wild, "attacking enemy" territory in game manner. 

D1 (1).jpg

Each day all participants had united time for communication, specific discussions aimed at moral and spiritual education,  challenges, evening campfire, singing, dancing and fun. 

30 teenagers participated in program. 15 leaders volunteers were involved in realization of program.

900 litres of water was drunk. 430 kg of food was eaten. 65 km distance rafted.

But the most important indicator for organizers was that in the end of summer camp almost every teenager decided to change his life in better way. These young people realized they are not alone with their problems. They heard live testimonies of leaders about their problems in life and ways to be a winner over difficulties. Completed questionnaires were a confirmation of that. And here are some of fragments:

" ...the decisions I took: first of all - to be happy; to live not for myself only, but for others also..." 

"...I decided to be kind and not be as aggressive as before. I decided to change my life for the better..."

 "...I'll give my father another chance ..."

"...I made the following decision: to be more confident in myself and to trust the people around me..."

"...So many good wonderful words you hear from the leaders. After such conversations, you really want to LIVE. I decided not to hurt myself any more, mentally and morally. These 7 days have changed a lot and I'm grateful to you!..."

B1 (6).jpg

The main goal is achieved! We spend a great time with wonderful young people, we become friends, and we decided to live better!

So the summer camp was finished. Now everybody is waiting for a new season of Exit clubs in the villages!

Thank you, dear friends, for your support! 
We will be back with the news soon!