Mar-May 2017

This is our closing report for 2017 school season. These months were pretty active, full of work and events.

WEEKLY: project weekly routine goes as usual - every week all three locations have clubs, "Preparation to success" courses, English courses.
MONTHLY: we had our usual so called "Dinners" for our volunteers team as a monthly team building events.

2017-10-31 18_53_50.png

The main event we had during this quarter was "EXIT F1 HELP" sub project, where our volunteers and teenagers participated in building a park for Kongaz village. This park project has been developed by one of our teenagers Gosha from Kongaz, was promoted by leader Vova Ganev to local major.

2017-10-31 18_53_57.png

So local major provided land and other help, EXIT has provided work power and part of finances to build it. Park is being developed for local parents with kids, and teenagers. It will have space for walk, jog, some street workout devices as well as kids playground. There are none such places in Kongaz, this will be first public place of this kind.

2017-10-31 18_54_06.png

Construction will be implemented in two stages, so the first one was accomplished in May: fence, pavement, planting 50 trees, cleaning territory. This place needs fence, because it is build on former dumpster, and local people try to make it dumpster again... Next one and final will be in September 2017.

2017-10-31 18_54_14.png

And in the end of May we had an event closing our school season. We call it "mini camp". We have gathered 40 teenagers from Chisinau, Kongaz and Svetlii for two days full of challenges, sport, training, songs, team building. It was a great culmination for the season.

2017-10-31 18_54_22.png

The season is over, next will be opened September 2017. During summer we will have our Summer EXIT camp, which will include rafting, tent camping, paintball, training, lessons, team building and others.

Thank you so much for your support! We will be back with our next report closer to September! God bless!!

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