Sep-Nov 2016

The season started with opening party. Event took place in our new space that we have found for our Chisinau club, warehouse and office. So finally EXIT project has it's remote own place in capital city with decent warehouse and small office. This is the place where Chisinau clubs, courses and weekly project planning is happening. Also this is the place where we organize our team building events. There were 60 teenagers on our opening party.

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WEEKLY: Clubs in Chisinau, Kongaz, Svetlii. 60-70 teenagers visit our three clubs every week. Club is the place where teenagers feel themselves safe, cozy, respected and loved. This is the place where they hang out and also learn to work in teams, understand each other, learn how to be safe from social threats.

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WEEKLY: courses "Preparing for Success" in Chisinau, Kongaz, Svetlii. 40-50 teenagers participate in courses in 4 different groups every week. During these three months teenagers were taught following aspects: 1. study own temper and how to interact with other tempers, 2. how to communicate with people depending on incoming information perception, 3. difference between he and she, how to understand each other, 4. identity communicating to society.

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QUARTERLY: "EXIT F1 Help", Social project in Cotovskoe. This is the social project where we gathered all the clubs participants to help their society in a village. 45 teenagers came to Cotovscoe to help lonely grannies and grandpas to prepare wood for their stoves and fireplaces for winter. This is the only source of heat they have, only this wood keep them whole winter from being frozen. We helped 10 grannies and 1 grandpa. Project was also supported by local major and local gymnasium management.

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MONTHLY: volunteers team building events. These are events that aim to build strong dedicated team, that is able to do changes in the society we live in.

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