Mar-May 2022

Life Abounds!

A concise summary of how joyfully and efficiently the life of the EXIT Project is going. Here goes!

EXIT CLUBS. 4 clubs in the Southern part of Moldova: ExitFlash (Svetliy village), ExitNarnia (Ceadir-Lunga village), LiveStream (Vulcanesti village) and EXITWAY (Sofiivka village). Over 150 teenagers every week. More than 12 meetings during the spring season. Did they have a good time? Undoubtedly! The program of clubs and the style of their conduct encourage teenagers to develop, have fun, learn and strive to transform their lives into a worthy and better version of themselves. What could be more pleasant than a good result, which we are honored to observe! We thank each club leader and all volunteers for their dedication and decision to live for teenagers in their regions!
















CITY-QUEST. Competition between all clubs of the EXIT Project! It hasn't been like this for a long time! Location - Ceadir-Lunga. Duration - more than 3 hours. Overcoming distance -15 km. And 6 teams ready to be the winners! Of course, it was not easy, but so fascinating! Everyone was treated to a delicious grill at the end for the participation and competitive spirit they had during the event! After a short rest everyone was invited to the concert! The winner team received a prize of 1500 MD lei. Thanks to every participant, especially the volunteers of this event! Watch the CityQuest video here.

BSG. Bible Study Group. Sub-project organized by the EXIT coordinator and the ExitNarnia team for teenagers. What's this? These are meetings in a free, informal, simple atmosphere and setting. For five months at these meetings, we were reading the Bible and talk about what we have read. The most beautiful thing is that everything happens at the level of friendship, respect and interest. Each participant understands why he /she visits this group and what to do next with the received information. For this reason, everyone understands and accepts each other. We are ready to continue further better and more!



DINNERAn event that all organizers and volunteers of EXIT clubs are waiting for once a month! Unique and precious time! Delicious dinner, beautiful musical accompaniment and friendly communication. In March, a special evening of teams took place. A Quiz was organized based on the read book “Through Dust and Ashes”. It was powerful, fun and interesting! The Quiz winner was ExitNarnia Team (Ceadir-Lunga). They even received a prize with the amount of 1500 lei. Such a competition was the first among the organizing teams. We express our gratitude to every young person for participating in the organization of EXIT clubs! The Project would not have been possible without such close-knit teams!



EMPOWER. Another large-scale and useful event for EXIT Project volunteers. Empower is a platform for growth, acquaintances, exchange of experiences and just a great vacation. This year, the platform brought together more than 120 young people from all over the country. We couldn't miss this opportunity. 10 EXIT volunteers had a productive three days there. Team development is one of the priorities of the EXIT Project strategy.  The knowledge and  gained experience can be useful in ministering to our teenagers in camps and clubs. This year the coordinator Dmitry had the opportunity to be among the top three main speakers of the conference! He talked about the need to understand yourself as a person and a servant, about ways to find tools in working with beneficiaries and how to analyze the work done in order to successfully adjust and build strategies for the future development. We are glad that the EXIT Project has long become an example and a recognizable method of service for young people in the Republic of Moldova. We thank the donors for providing EXIT volunteers with 10 tickets to this event!



EXITSPRINGCAMP 2022. This event deserves a separate post! Follow the link to find out more here! 

Thanks to everyone who supports the Exit project! Together we help transform the lives of dozens of teenagers in Moldova! Be blessed!