Sep-Nov 2019

Another great goal

The EXIT project is gaining momentum in development. We set a goal again to make another unforgettable season for the teenagers that live in the villages of Moldova. From the very beginning, we already had:

OPENING of the EXITLIGA SEASON. Dozens of teenagers from different locations had a great time together. They met new people and project leaders, shared their events from the summer. Each person participated in conversations, various entertaining games, and in one big Banco game. Friendly atmosphere allowed the guys  to show attentiveness, honesty, and many other good qualities. The most active participants won valuable prizes with the Exit logo. They were happy!




EXIT CLUBS. A team of volunteer leaders continues to organize meetings for teens weekly in each of our clubs. In addition to these meetings, they organize several meetings where young people can watch good films and play board games. It is interesting that  everyone communicates on important topics at each meeting. They cover such topics as tolerance and mercy, responsibility of personal training and development, work on own character, human hygiene, relationships, meaning in the little things in life, hype or zeal for success and a lot of others. In addition, the guys have great fun, find reliable friends and simply enjoy a place where they are appreciated.




TALK-SHOW "Job of My Life". This time a special guest and friend of the EXIT project was invited - Avanes Avanesyan. Co-founder of food delivery service, organizer of extreme camps. Avanes shared his personal experience in the field of business, spoke about the difficulties and responsibilities to his dreams and goals at this meeting. Each teenager remembered this meeting. After the talk-show the guys approached the guest and talked to him about their own dream jobs. Talk-shows with a guest are always interesting and useful. 


EVENT EXIT CHALLENGE Congaz. The Exit Congaz team has planned an event for their native village. It was the center of the village, near the house of culture. The organizers wore EXIT “F1 Help” jackets to attract attention. The team set up “yard games”. Near each point was the host of the game, inviting all children and adolescents. The participant was awarded with a prize for winning the game. As a result of the event, about 50-60 people learned about Exit Project. The team is very pleased with the work done.


EXIT&VERITAS Ceahlau Hike 2019. Two teams of volunteers of extreme camps went on an extreme trip to the mountains of Romania in September. Some of volunteers were the first time abroad and,  of course, the first time in the mountains. Wonderful landscapes, waterfalls and simply amazing views through the clouds to lakes and valleys. This is an extraordinary time for team building. Here you definitely feel the shoulder of a friend, learn how to interact. That would remain in the memories of volunteers forever.




DINNER for EXIT VOLUNTEERS. A few hours when like-minded people and friends spend time together. The first meeting was significant because there was a whole team of volunteers: ExitFlash (Svetly village), ExitBriceni (Briceni village), ExitCongaz (Kongaz village). This evening gave the encouragement for the volunteers that can help in the work with teenagers. The second meeting took place on the last Friday of November. A special evening. We celebrated Thanksgiving. We paid special attention to the thank God and each other for all that the EXIT project has.


This is the beginning of new Season. We believe that this Project could change many lives for better! Great Thank to all our friends and supporters for making the Exit Project possible!