Aug 2018 Camp

 Summer Exit Camp "JUMANJI"

That was the most steep and long-awaited event after a long summer vacation. It took place on August 6. Let's see how it all turned out! 

8 days. 15 team volunteers. more than 40 participants. new victories every day.

Start: Criuleni village.

The trained team of leaders met a group of teenagers from Svetly and Kongaz villages and from Kishinev. The atmosphere of the program created the image of all known Jumanji. All participants were divided into 2 groups. The goal was to find a "stolen stone" and become winners. The task was not to lose the "lives" of the team when passing all the points. On the first day, the guys tested their strength and control of emotions in the Surprise cave. The two-hour atmosphere of the dungeon prompted the teams to be more united and help each other in unforeseen circumstances.



Day 2: Butucheni village.

All participants had to cover a distance of 25 km riding the bicycles from the early morning. The local police escorted a convoy of 40 bicycles for traffic safety. The picturesque historical place of Moldova in Old Orhei zone was a transfer point where the guys regained their strength, rested a little bit and continued their competitive journey. Further, the camp participants overcame climbing on  the local rocks with the help of professional climbers. It was several hours of training, accompanied by enthusiasm. You can only imagine their happy faces when they got to the lodging for that night!



Day 3: A nice place near Ivancha village.

The longest hike was scheduled for this day. After passing the course "orientation in the local area" both teams received a quest task. On this day they ran about 20 km with maps and compasses. Solving the thematic puzzles, passing checkpoints with assignments and listening to their leader, each team wanted to receive the lunch prize of the day. It was a large chest with sweets and fruits. The last point of the quest hike was the base camp, that was prepared by the organizers in the forest. How big was the joy and exclamation! That was a place where the participants had to live till the end of the camp.



Base Camp: 4 days outside of the civilized world, but with all the necessary conditions for life!

Every spent day here turned out to be special and unforgettable. The teams built their villages for housing, invented their own rules and principles of existence. Day after day, they competed in such games as: paintball, "seizure of territory," "sausage showdowns", "capture the flag", etc. In one day all participants competed even at night time. Exciting night game brought both teams extra points and a lot of emotions! Another day all guys tried the bungee, participated in team building games, passed rope course and did a lot of other interesting and useful things for life. 





In addition to entertaining and competitive events, the participants held thematic training every morning aimed at moral and spiritual upbringing. It was a time when the guys could ask questions that affected them, listen to the stories from people with bigger experience, reveal themselves and understand others. After such conversations many of them decided to change their selves for the better life! We believe that this is a more valuable attainment than just earning "the stones of Jumanji".

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Evening events also made an impression to those presented and those who watched the EXIT live on the Instagram. After every active day, we played together, sang songs,were involved in intellectual games, laughed a lot, had fun, talked to each other and were warmed by the fire! Evening clubs were an excellent way to give the participants a pleasant atmosphere.



At the end of the summer camp, all guys became friends, nobody wanted to leave. The "jaguars" won! But the most important thing is that everyone was able to leave the comfort zone, overcome own fears, learn new skills, and become a winner for himself!

Here you can find some reviews of the participants:

"The cave is one of the most impressive moments, where I had an explosion of emotions." I decided to change myself, control emotions, become more serious, and go in for sports."

"The EXIT camp was the best motivator for me not to give up and always go ahead. We had a lot of complex games and contests, where I was able to prove myself that I have enough strength. Thanks to the organizers for their wonderful work!"

"I've wanted to participate in EXIT Camp for many years. When I got here, I realized that this is my element, and that this camp has become my home. We often think that it's simply impossible to achieve happiness in life, that this is unrealistic. But I realized that sometimes you have to force yourself to do something first, to achieve something good in life."

"Being in this camp, I seemed to live a different life, I was generally in a different world. I forgot all my problems, all my unsolved questions. I left everything outside the forest and just lived with the guys, giving them my love."



Thanks to all the organizers of the project, to all volunteers!

Great thanks to all those who support the Exit Project financially. It would be impossible to realize the project without you. Even a small contribution leads to the large changes in the lives of young people in MOLDOVA. Thank you!

Be with us!