Mar-May 2018

7 things to remember about the EXIT in the Sping!

About 100 teenagers and volunteers from different localities in Moldova remain under the great impression of the last season. A lot of interesting things happened. That's what they remember most:

7.  ExitFlash and ExitCongaz clubs were organized according to the program plan in the villages of Svetly and Kongaz. More than 22 meetings imprinted an unforgettable impression in the memory of teenagers. Young people had a lot of fun, received a lot of useful information, listened to lectures on spiritual and social topics, expressed their opinions, participated in competitions and shared stories from their lives. Evening games, stadium games, small groups, songs, snacks, friendly and open-minded leaders - all this creates an atmosphere in which everyone feels welcomed.


6. "Preparation For Success II"class.
A group of graduates completed their second year of studies i
n Chisinau. Guys and girls are satisfied with their results over the past two years. According to the questionnaire of the group's coach, this class helped many to choose the sphere of professional development for the future, it helped to understand society and themselves, as well as to manage a lot of things in their life. One of the members of the group, Serghei Korjos, says: "This class actually helps to understand teamwork more and the way how to manage your time better. I didn't use knowledge from the class yet, but in the future it will certainly be useful to me".

A group of students in Svetly village decided to stop the same class in April month because of their stirring life in the village. But in the next school year they will continue. 


5. The "EXIT" event for boys only! On March 29 the long-awaited inter-club boys party took place. About 60 guys from two clubs, Exitflash and ExitCongaz participated in the event. Together they had a great time playing football, floorball, hockey, tennis, volleyball, etc. After some active hours everyone was rewarded with grilled meat. After some fun and snacks all the guys were invited to talk on the topic of "Responsibilities". This day went on to be cheerful, valuable and tasty for each and everyone of them.


4. Dinners for the volunteers of the "EXIT" Project. 2 meetings were organized by the project coordinators in this spring period. These are the key moments for each leader to analyze his activities  and determines his importance in the team. Volunteers of the project dine, sing, answer questions and share experiences, pray, play and relax together.  The EXIT dinners recalls unity and strength.


Lets continue!

3. Sub project "F1 HELP" village Kongaz.
On April 28, the second visit to the future children's playground took place. Volunteers and participants of the "EXIT" project achieved great success in what they planned to do! All details you can see here.


2. The EXIT SPRING CAMP! May 25-27. More than 50 people. One of the biggest events of the "EXIT" project - crown of the season 2017/2018. Time of unforgettable moments and emotions. There were many novelties and surprises: night games, Extreme bungee jumping (thanks to ExtremeTime), paintball, human football, archery, tower building from boxes, pipes building from boxes, evening chatting around the fire, as well as an unforgettable conversation on specific topics at night during a walk in the woods  and an incredible fire show. The purpose of the camp was to organize an interesting, fun and valuable vacation, as well as to reveal the essence of the slogan "Decision.Risk.Development." During the fire show and conversations, guys and girls talked about the beneficial effect of the "EXIT" project on their lives:

- "EXIT" is a place where I can find peace for myself, this is the place where I am as I am.
- I'M HAPPY. It's so cool to have so many friends and feel like in a family. (Minkovskaya Sasha)
- I realized that EXIT is really a way out for me personally. (Kesya Anatoly)

A huge thanks to all those who supported the project in various ways!



1. The "EMPOWER" Conference. The EXIT leaders and coordinators had the opportunity to attend this event in the city of Kalarash. This time there were 12 representatives from the EXIT. That was the biggest quantitative indicator of visiting teams at the EMPOWER conference. Our team was invited for developing in our specific sphere of maintaining teenagers in villages of Moldova, as well as share our experience with other organizations. By the request of the organizers of the EMPOWER conference, the EXIT project prepared an extreme trip through the forest for other teams. Also, coordinators had a wonderful opportunity to present the EXIT project itself: its idea and purpose, the tasks of clubs, activities, events and style of work with young people. That was an excellent end of the season and of the whole year of working with teenagers for Exit Project volunteers.


Thank you for being with us! A great Thanks to every person who cares and supports the EXIT Project! Your contribution plays a huge role in the lives of young people! 
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