Sep-Nov 2017

Another grand season blew up with new emotions and unforgettable events! Join us!

This season started with big party in the woods in southern part of Moldova. Many teenagers were invited to this great event after summer vacation. So, 65 young people enjoyed new acquaintances. The day was filled with playing team games, “human football”, competitions.  After all the activities, when the participants were pleased tired, the final part was held. There the EXIT project was described and each person was invited to participate in local clubs.


After the opening of the season, the life of the project gained new strength and mood.


Weekly: Clubs in the villages Svetly and Kongaz have Meetings with topical themes and entertainment. Here participants talk on different topics such as: “Who am I? A developed ape-man or God's creation?", "Do not steal, but work better", "The most terrible thing in the world" and others.


Also we have novation: Debates in the British style and Talk-Show "The Hero of Our Time", where special persons like Iuri Nesterov and Petr Litnevsky were invited. They shared their experience, knowledge, and also answered numerous questions of teenagers.



Weekly Courses "Preparing for Success" in Chisinau and Svetlii gather more than 30 teenagers that has the aim to understand themselves and society, to succeed and positively affect the surrounding people and the country they live in.


In addition to weekly meetings, some other activities are held in each club:  Movie Evenings and Game’s Evenings. It is interesting and useful leisure and great additional opportunity for each leader to get know even more closely with each participant of the project.

Also an intellectual game Quiz was organized in Svetly ExitFlash. The game involved six teams of 7 people. Totally three games have already been played. The winner team received a well-deserved prize: Andy's Pizza Voucher for 700 lei. This event captured the interest and attention of about 50 teenagers, among whom new people were again. It supposed to be a great tradition and challenge for teenagers to participate in Quiz games in the future.


This fall, Exit Project tried again not only to accumulate positive emotions inside our clubs, but also to carry good things beyond our comfort zone. Subproject "Exit F1 HELP" helped elderly women in the village of Beshalma. You can read more about this here.

The project coordinators work diligently on the program of each individual event, which greatly facilitates the work of the leaders of local clubs. Monthly meetings are organized for all volunteers in order to motivate and inspire them. These events provide an opportunity to discuss all the existing issues, support each other and again feel unity in chosen mission. This autumn our team of volunteers participated in the project "PereGde". Experience of other social organizations, new ideas and acquaintances help to expand the horizon, understand the scope of the field of activity in our country, and simply recharge young people emotionally and spiritually.


About 100 teenagers participate in Exit Project each week. EXIT creates a pleasant atmosphere of big family for everybody to feel good and easy. It is also a challenge for young people for making new decisions and forming new priorities.

About 25 volunteers dedicated their time and abilities to make this generation happier. Join us to “do small thing with great love” and one day we will be able to ask a great together!


Thanks to all volunteers who make this project live. And special Thanks to all supporters who do this project possible!