Oct-Nov 2018

New season

The EXIT project started a new season on October 6, 2018.
The team of organizers made an unusual Opening of the season in the Comrat city, the biggest city of the Gagauz autonomy in the South of Moldova. The CityQuest game “Searching Yeti” started the program of the day. There were 40 participants and 15 volunteers from EXITFlash and EXITCongaz clubs, as well as our friends from Briceni city. Since the news of the event was spread, the press and TV reporters were present. Here you can see one of the press report (in russian). 

CityQuest is a route game with a pre-planned scenario. Teams has to pass intellectual tasks with elements of physical activity and reach the finish line in the shortest time. The game cheered up not only the participants, but all observers. All participants got acquainted with the location and people, since all the tasks supposed to interact with local residents of the city. 5 teams traveled 10 km. One of the participants said that everyone got a bunch of positive emotions and brought the city a lot of smiles and good mood. She is sure that the city remembered this event!
A small entertainment program has completed the opening of the season. The guys played, sang, ate snacks, and the winners received additionally diplomas and EXIT branded bracelets.




It was an unforgettable start of the season. It's time to move on!

Youth clubs ExitFlash (v.Svetly) and ExitCongaz (v.Congas) were held every week of October and November. All events were planned in advance by the coordinators of the EXIT project. All leaders with a team of volunteers carefully prepared and implemented interesting meetings for everyone who came. In addition to the official meetings, informal ones were also made for guys, where young people could play board games, watch movies. Sometimes over 70 people come to the clubs! This is both joyful and reverent! Leaders try to communicate with everyone, building friendly relationship. Here everyone can take a dip into wonderful atmosphere, kind smiles, positive emotions and topics that discover good principles of life. Over the past 2 months, the guys talked about issues of tolerance and mercy, responsibility of personal training, working out of their own character, human hygiene, relationship of man and God, about making important decisions in life at this stage of their life. It's nice to see how two strong “families” ExitFlash and ExitCongaz have been forming and developing for several years for now.




The EXIT project volunteers do all this for the benefit of those who come to the clubs. On a voluntary basis, they make their locality better and spiritually richer. At least they begin with changing the way of thinking and the lifestyle of the new generation. A small reward for this great work is the monthly "EXIT" dinners. This is usually Friday nights. For the EXIT team this is a time for rest, delicious dinner and of course this is a time for discussing the team’s successes and shortcomings. Here everyone learns to be a leader, learns the subtleties and principles of communication with adolescents, feeds morally and spiritually. Joint time with a team of volunteers is a strong incentive to do more and better in the new month.


Thanks to everyone who supports the EXIT project! Thanks to everyone who is with us! Great news for you! Next time we will tell you news about three clubs, but not about only two as it was before! Together with you, we manage to realize the goals of the EXIT project! Have a nice week!