Dec 2018 Christmas Party

Merry Christmas Everyone

EXIT Christmas party is an opportunity to demonstrate to many Moldavians that everyone has a chance to live differently. Despite the hustle and bustle, poverty, family and other problems, rejection by peers, young people come here. They know that every person here is valuable, has the right to perform himself, has the right to rejoice and call himself as a part of the big EXIT family.



On December 27 the long-awaited meeting of the two clubs ExitFlash (Svetly village) and ExitCongaz (Congas village) took place in Social Center for Children and Youth. It's great that there were more than 60 people! It was an unforgettable time of surprises and special moments in the program. At the beginning of the program there was a Christmas cafe, where every guest could eat some snacks and just talk to each other. After that, the participants played fun games. Because so many people like to sing, members of the EXIT team organized a small Christmas concert again. An unusual conversation with invited guests-speakers was the main part of the evening. And at the very end of the party each invited person received a gift by participating in the game “Gift Capture”.  That was  the Christmas evening! Thank to Belev Philip for the short video. Here you can see it!


We are also grateful to all the participants, volunteers, leaders, coordinators and friends of EXIT who help to create such bright moments in the life of young people of Moldova! Merry Christmas to You!