Dec 2018 F1HELP

Making people happier

"We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop."

Mother Teresa

Grand action of F1HELP sub-project took place on December 1, 2018. If you carefully look at the pictures, then you will notice joy, smiles, good mood and an infinite amount of positive emotions on all faces! It's cold outside, but hearts are burning for doing good things! These young people were able to help those in need and give them hope. That is why this event can be called grandiose!

The participants of all active clubs, the organizers of the Svetly Children's Center and other volunteers united into one powerful team and conducted a social action in the Svetly village. There were about 30 people. The F1Help team helped 6 houses this time: four single elders and two large families with many children. The boys and girls cleaned the houses, chopped down and put together firewood for the cold period, and did other work at the request of the elders. In addition, all teams brought a bag with groceries to every home.




Reviews of some participants:
Kolya Buzilov: “When I hear about such actions as F1 Help, I leave everything and am ready to go and help people. I really enjoyed helping people, seeing their happy faces. When I see the smile of the people we helped, I think that this world has become a bit kinder and more interesting.”

Tanya Stoyanova: “We care about these people. Our team helped one elder woman. The boys chopped wood, the girls swept and cleaned the basement. Then we all carried all firewood to the barn. We had a wonderful time, we talked with each other, as well as with elder woman. She was very grateful and almost burst into tears. It was a wonderful and blessed day.”


Dragan Vasya: “Exit Project makes very interesting, useful, exciting sub-projects, promotions  for self-improvement, the development of human strength sides. We worked together, we had fun and we did all work pretty fast. We were like one mechanism. Even such a small business can be meaningful for people in need and spark a hope in their hearts. Dear friends, I urge you to be activists, participants in such actions. When we are together and ready to do something, we are capable of much more.”