F1 HELP Food For The Hungry

Caring for others

The EXIT Project, together with all the beneficiaries, expresses great gratitude to our friends and all those who supported and donated financial resources for the implementation of F1 HELP. We are grateful to all the volunteers who connected and dedicated themselves, caring for others. You have made happier over 150 families in 12 villages in the South, North and the Center of the Republic of Moldova, providing more than 6,300 meals during the last 6 months. May the boomerang of goodness return to you many times more, may God give you great gifts for your open heart and desire to make someone's life a little better! 

It was a challenge for us in the atmosphere and the situation of the pandemic. As part of the F1 HELP campaign, the board team developed an optimal basket of necessary food products for an approximate period of 2 weeks. The project coordinators procured, collected and distributed grocery packages to elderly people, large families and those who were keen on food. About 27 volunteers, including young project participants and local village leaders, observing all safety precautions, brought love, care and blessing to each house, if we may call it that. The following photos will be evidence of those moments when people who have lost hope of existence and gave up are smiling again, letting out a tear of joy and praying in deep gratitude for you, dear supporters.











The depth of meaning of good is felt especially in difficult times for a sick boy whose parents have died; for a disabled father without both legs and livelihoods; for a large family, left to the mercy of fate without the support of the local government and earnings; for single mothers with children who succumbed to domestic violence and who were left without husbands for other reasons; for a lonely elderly woman in a supine position; and for many others whose fate and position cannot be described in words.





During the campaign, which lasted from late March to August, we were able to collect a huge number of photos and letters of thanks. They were all saturated with gratitude and happiness from the gift of hope and compassion:

"I prayed in faith that the Lord would not leave us and help us survive in this difficult time ... One morning volunteer Vadim (EXIT Projec Coordinator) called us and offered to help the grocery package for us pensioners and children. I was touched to tears, and thanked our Lord, Glory to Him. I am immensely grateful to the Lord for everyone who donated funds for grocery packages, for everyone who takes part in this charity of helping people in this situation.

God bless you and reward you thousands of times!"  (Mother Sonya. A family of 9 people)

There are still a lot of those who need help. If you have a desire to help at least one person in need with food for the next 2 weeks of living through our project ,you can contact us at any time convenient for you and donate, giving hope and love. God bless you!