Mar-May 2019

Astonishing 3 months in EXIT life

This time we will not write much about life in our clubs. You should see this. So, this is how the active life of our project EXIT looks like.

1. Weekly clubs. EXIT Svetlii, Congaz, Briceni. More than 100 regular members. Games, competitions, communication, new friends, fun, snacks, challenges, serious topics for intellectual, moral and spiritual growth. It is so good here that even old friends from Chisinau come to all these events more and more often!






2.  "The Thrown Glove" game between the clubs. Interesting tasks for everyone who wants to: make their area cleaner, congratulate all the ladies on Women's Day, stand in planсk for more than a minute and much more. The winner took his prize! Do good and achieve goals!


3. The Boys-only Meeting. Event for volunteers and leaders of the project. Paintball, good food, mobile steam room, laughter, talking and planning around the fire.


4. The Girls-only Meeting. Dancing, gymnastics, fun games, delicious food and healthy drinks, advice on facial care, an atmosphere of lightness and tenderness, as well as communication on the topic "what fills me inside".




5. Easter Joint Event. A friendly evening with a deep meaning and an idea to reveal the essence of Easter. The film The Chronicles of Narnia, Quiz Game, the speech of the guest speaker on what Easter means, an acoustic concert, beautiful songs, and a delicious dinner. 



6. F1 HELP sub-project in Kirsovo village. Grand Fair for children and their parents from this village. To read more click here.


7. Bike Ride Exit Congaz. Special final season club. Traveling through the fields on bicycles, rest in the woods, barbecue and a lot of pleasant conversations.


8. Dinner for the “EXIT” project volunteers. A modest reward to all those who give their hearts and time for teenagers in our country. Each of these people invests in the present and future stories of young people who are in contact with the project. Thanks to every volunteer and our partners for their dedication! 


9. EXIT Spring Camp "Robin-Good".  Long-awaited event for the most active club members. Even if it rains, we find a way out, EXIT, we mean! Learn more about these unforgettable days, read here.


Exit Project has such a diverse and happy life because of friends and all those who support us financially! Thank you! Each day becomes better for those teenagers from the villages of Moldova who meet EXIT.