May 2021 F1 HELP

Food Blankets Pillows

This time the EXIT sub-project F1HELP took place in the villages of Cheadir-Lunga and Svetly. The Exit team would like to express special thanks to our friends from Texel Island in the Netherlands, dear Mrs. Ria Van Der Vis and her team, as well as contact person in Moldova Liudmila Nedeoglo for their cooperation, generosity and big hearts! Thanks to them, and a team of 25 volunteers-teenagers in the south part of Moldova, more than 20 lonely elderly people were able to receive help in the form of warm blankets, pillows and food packages, providing about 840 meals. Sometimes it is impossible to describe in words what recipients feel when they are blessed in this way during their most difficult times.

As it was described in previous similar articles about actions of goodness, the EXIT project involves young project participants in such processes in order to invest in them the habit of helping people who need it. In the process of visiting homes with those in need, young people make acquaintance, communicate and spend quality time with the recipients. So they bring joy, sometimes tears of happiness, smiles to lonely people, listen to the stories from their lives, learn from their experience, drawing certain conclusions. And sometimes the teenagers become a part of the happened miracle! There are many such cases, but today we will tell you about several of them only.










Story# One elderly lady greeted us on the street with tears in her eyes. She told us that she had just arrived from the hospital and spent all the money on medicine. She had no money left even to buy bread. She thanked God that He helps in everything through his children!  

Story## On the first day of F1 HELP we visited a lonely old lady. She is 89 years old. She was incredibly happy about our visit and all the packages that we brought. The talkative lady first showed us her property: a garden without a single blade of grass, a couple of chickens, and a couple of firewoods that she could not cut by herself. Despite this, a smile and happiness did not leave her face! Then she invited the team to the house and began to talk about her life. She said that she was never married, had no children. In her youth, she worked very hard and saved money. She has saved up a lot by those standards! She bought herself a necklace, gold earrings, rings, and she still had some money left, which she hid under the pillow. The fact that she has money was found out by her mother, who, for reasons unknown to her, had not loved her all her life. One day, when she was not at home, her mother took all her money and gave it to her older brother. And when she returned home and found the loss, she turned to her mother, to which mother tore off her necklace, rings and pulled out earrings, literally pulled out. Believe, we saw her ears! She was humiliated a lot, was not allowed out of the house, was not allowed to marry. So she was left alone. Mother and all relatives died long ago. After her sad story, she asked to show the food that was in the packages. We took out the food and explained what it was. She was happy and said that she had a very long time to live with this supply. At one point, the participant pulled out a jar of olives. The elderly lady asked what it was, and then was so happy that all the participants were surprised by her reaction. She exclaimed that it was her dream! She said that once she saw olives at someone's place and really wanted to try them! And today she has a whole jar of her personal olives that she never tried before! This is how sometimes ordinary things for us turn into miracles  for those who dream about it!




Story### "My name is Christina, I'm 17 years old. I visit the #exitnarnia club (Cheadir-Lunga Village). Of course, I like it there! In the clubs I am charged with positive emotions, make new friends, and do sometimes unbelievable things. In general, I get only good. I have one favorite phrase: If you want to be happy, make someone happy. I really feel something indescribable if I can become the cause of someone's joy. Having heard about the F1HELP campaign, I did not hesitate to take a part, to become a small piece of someone's joy. I remember this action with a bunch of cute moments, sometimes thick, and even heartbreaking stories of people we came to. In some places, it was so hard that I took on the responsibility to condemn people who abandoned their relatives to their fate, a government that does not support or even remember people in need. At such moments I begin to think about my life, what I should do and what should not. After all, I learned a lot from the stories of older people. I would like to carry out such actions as often as possible. It doesn't matter if it’s help with groceries, or coming and chopping the wood for the old lady, or fix the roof for someone. Also, I would not mind if there was an open collection of donations, as it says "one thread from everyone around the world - a shirt will be for naked", where everyone could bring something to help these lonely people. F1HELP is something I'll never skip!"

The EXIT Project is grateful to everyone who supports the Project and gives faith in humanity and kindness! May you be rewarded many times over! Together we can change people's lives!