Dec-Feb 2020

Time for a change

The past months of the EXIT Project’s life turned out to be very interesting and peculiar for all participants and volunteers. The project coordinators tried to do everything possible so that young people in the villages of our country wondered "how can I change for the better life?" Let's see what caused this.

Each meeting in CLUBS at the end of last year and the beginning of a new one brought the idea of inspiration and motivation. In addition to thoughtful games and entertainments, such topics for discussion were provided: how to make changes in one's life; the importance of self-restraint and self-control in the habits or comfort of life in order to achieve a specific goals; how to build relationships; what is the foundation for real love; how to raise family values and much more. In addition to weekly clubs, boys and girls gather twice a month for a board game evenings or movie evenings.




Special clubs include TALK-SHOW meetings. Eugen Postolake visited ExitFlash in Svetly village. He is a teenager's basketball coach at the global organization Admirals. Eugene spoke of determination, the importance of trusting God in difficulties. The second unique and interesting guest was the girl Anna Ubyvolk. The main message of Anna is "purely outside, purely inside." Anna promotes eco life. She came to the club with a request and inspiration for the young people to take at least a little care of nature and their own spiritual condition. Three couples of different ages and life experiences were also invited to the Lovers' Day. Teenagers could hear important tips, mistakes that should not be repeated, and more. It is interesting to observe how young people not only perceive everything, but also apply the useful principles that they are told about at club meetings. 




Christmas club is a festive, fun and relaxing CHRISTMAS PARTY. It is nice to see how rural teenagers plunge into the atmosphere of goodness and love, learn to make gifts and accept them, take care of others. For some of them it turns out to be a really family evening, since they don’t have an original family.



SMALL GROUPS at home are the long-held dream of the organizers of the EXIT Project. Finally it happened. Since November, home groups have begun to study Christian principles of life. Here, the invited teenagers go to a new level, where everyone can dig openly into the deeper questions of life with more details and get an answers. Local volunteers provide their homes and rooms for such meetings.



F1 HELP sub-projects provide an incredible time for changes and not only for those who receive help. This is the time when, in practice, the EXIT project participants learn to do gratuitous good to those who can only say thank you in return or cry out of happiness. It's amazing how many good things we can do together even in 4 days of our lives! You can read more about help for lonely elders HERE and about 450 children in 3 different villages HERE


DINNERS for the EXIT project volunteers. This is a kind of gratitude and encouragement for those who are committed to the young people of our country without hesitation. Here the leaders rest, eat delicious dinner and are feed with cool “spiritual food”. A special gift for volunteers was a hat with the EXIT logo.


On February 21-22, the coordinators and four volunteers of the EXIT project participated in the Global Leadership Summit. The main goal was to obtain useful information in the field of personal and team leadership. It was an honor to hear speakers like Craig Groshel, Patrick Lensioni, Bear Grylls and many others.

Innovation Leadership Studio is another great opportunity to grow as a leader. This event takes place in Chisinau 1-2 times a month. 4 volunteers of the EXIT project also do not miss the opportunity to self-development. With great gratitude and happiness the volunteers attend training and courses. The EXIT project takes care of the spiritual condition of its Soldiers! 


Many thanks to everyone who supports the EXIT Project. Each of you has an impact on changing a huge number of lives every month!