Jun-Aug 2020

There is always an EXIT!

Volunteers and participants of the EXIT Project spent the summer with such an inspiring slogan!
We had an equally difficult period, but we made a firm decision not to give up. So, a little about what we managed to do within the EXIT Project.

F1 HELP subProject. Thanks to the generous heart of many of the EXIT project's friends and volunteers, about +40 families, in addition to those 110, received food packages during the difficult time of pandemic. According to the beneficiaries, this aid gave them hope that they can survive. Below you can see some of them: a single mother with a baby, elderly lonely sick people, a young disabled guy Marin who was left at an early age completely without relatives and others. You can learn more about F1 HELP here. If you have a desire to participate in other's life, please contact us.



Simultaneously with the process of distributing aid to those in deep need, the EXIT project took up its main task - spending useful time with teenagers in our country.

OnLineExitGame. The pandemic "put" many in shock. Nobody was ready for this. But, of course, we didn’t want to interrupt communication with the guys. A team of like-minded volunteers took up the challenge to gain new experience with technology and social media and created a series of online games in a very short time: logic games, games for developing creativity, speed, knowledge in various spheres of life. The participating teenagers loved it because there were no live meetings and there was no opportunity to spend time in the company either. Fascinating, interesting, funny, informative and understandable for teenagers tasks and sports challenges blew up the audience. Some games lasted 4 hours! The winners and the most persistent received prizes in the form of books and vouchers. (#onlinexitgame2020)


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RaisedGloveGame. This is an annual game in the EXIT project for club members and not only! The purpose of this game is to reveal, teach, and inspire teenagers to develop physically, spiritually, creatively and intellectually through “challenges” (tasks). For a month and a half, each participant tested himself in six challenging and useful tasks: jumping rope and running, reading the book "You can do more than you think" and a book test, making a homemade hammock, studying a poem in Macedonian, a week of mastering a new musical instrument and the last week of online games in ZOOM. The game was invented by the organizers and hosted entirely on Instagram. The organizers fulfilled their tasks: they diversified the pandemic life of adolescents, inspired them to do unusual and useful things, test themselves and believe in themselves. Of course, at the end there were 3 winners who were left with cash prizes: 600/400/250 lei. (#reisedglovexitmd2020

Online Talk-Shows. Our guests were invited to share their life experiences and to highlight some topics. The first discussion was with the pastor from the local church, Igor Sirbu, on the topic "Live and learn". The second online meeting was with a young married couple. The teenagers who connected to the broadcast were able to ask questions ,take an amazing journey into the lives of experienced people and express their opinions on the issues discussed. They also receive prizes for their activity even in such an events.


ExitHike2020. It was not possible to hold a full-fledged summer camp this year due to the current situation. The authorities of our country allowed to gather in groups with a small number of people in the fresh air. Observing all safety measures and precautions, the project coordinators arranged small friendly hikes for 16 km in the Old Orhei reserve zone for small groups of teenagers for a couple of days with an overnight stay in the picturesque Camping Baсota. There were 5 such trips throughout the month of August. The guys plunged into an incredible journey, walking along the ridges of the hills with a panoramic view of the river, villages, monastery and much more. They were fascinated by the beauty of our native places, warm and illuminating communication, sunrises and sunsets, songs by the fire and the joy that we can continue to live and appreciate what we have for now. 






Some of the teenagers wrote us the following messages after:
"During and after the hike, I received a great boost of energy, a lot of positive emotions, I forgot about the difficulties, worries of everyday life." Vasily, 17 years old
"I have made a decision for myself that I will always try to see the beauty in the place where I live, and not try to leave for a foreign land in search of something better." Lyudmila, 16
"I like everything that your team organizes, so I will be happy to continue this pleasant and useful friendship." Diana, 16
"The trip opened up new interests for me and taught me several lessons about behavior in society, in the forest, in the mountains." Anastasia, 16
"What I decided for myself was not to miss the opportunity to travel to such places, to overcome myself and finally learn to be more open." Julia, 17
“My expectations became reality, I found new friends, saw and became convinced that Moldova is a very beautiful country, and also spent two days very fun and exciting in the circle of very cool people. I liked absolutely everything. I have learned to be independent to some extent. " Lena, 17




"This trip has exceeded all my expectations. It is really a lot of fun. I realized that spending time in a fun company is really worth a lot." Dmitry, 15
“Only in foreign TV series or films I saw how people want to go camping and I also really wanted to. When I found out about EXIT I was in heaven with happiness! I am delighted that there is such an organization in Moldova. You are very cool. very fun, interesting, exciting, extreme, it's COOl! I experienced a lot of positive emotions, got to know new wonderful people. " Alina, 17
"I really liked the organization. The emotions are simply indescribable. The nature, the fire, the food in general is fire. Thank you very much for the excellent work and time spent." Ekaterina, 17

Even during the complexities of the world scale, TOGETHER WITH YOU, we can influence the lives of many people! Thank you for staying with us! Thanks to everyone who makes this project possible! A new season is ahead!