June 2021 Camp

Hai La Hora!

Did you know that the characteristic feature of the Moldavian dance HORA is the parallel movement of the knees and toes? Since ancient times, Moldovan folk dances have been accompanied by songs, clapping hands or percussion instruments, as well as funny satirical shouts, jokes, and whistles. So we don't know how to dance HORA, but everything else is present every time a huge crowd of young people is going to spend an exciting couple of days in nature with the EXIT project!

So, a little about what happened this time. On the first day, the participants came to the forest zone. From the very beginning, they were put on a test - they had to solve a riddle while they walked to the camp with blindfolds. Having safely reached the camp, they all plunged into the atmosphere of Exit, the organizers greeted the participants with stormy emotions and applauses. The participants had lunch and were divided into two teams. After resting, the guys and girls were involved in the game Orienteering Basics. The players were able to learn how to use the compass correctly and immediately put their knowledge into practice. 








In the evening, all the teenagers gathered around the fire. Show men amused everyone with games and funny contests. After that, they sang familiar and favorite songs, and also talked on the topic "Relationship between a teenager and parents." After the evening event, there was a delicious snack, and after all the guys went to bed (not in bed, but in a hammock, so it is customary here!). But their sleep did not last long. At 1am everyone had to wake up for the night game. Many were sleepy and did not understand what was happening. The game was extreme, lively and interesting. The teams hunted the "boars" (leaders!).



The second day began with vigorous exercises. After breakfast, the teams played games, paintball, and took forest survival courses. Later, a short pause for all activities was put by heavy rain. After games, songs, friendly communication around the fire, all the participants were divided into two teams and went to specially prepared points, where they could spend useful time communicating with mentors. This event ended with a fire show, hot tea and again gatherings around the fire. These wonderful couple of days will remain in the memory of young people for a long time. Because here they are accepted, here they make new friends, here they can both have fun and learn the values, thanks to which they can adjust the compasses of their lives.







Thanks to everyone who participated physically, spiritually and financially, so that these happy faces can appear here! It was a really great end to the last semester of activities and the whole season!