Sep-Nov 2020

Fighting for Survival

Hard times are not able to defeat the drive and positive attitude of the EXIT teams. The EXIT Project would like to thank each volunteer for their dedication and desire to serve teens during the pandemic. Here's what we managed to achieve in the fall season.

EXIT Season Opening. It was EXIT Paintball "Zaruba". The event was in a beautiful forest, where it was interesting for all the participants to spend a couple of hours together. Due to the ban on holding the event for more than 50 people, the organizing team decided to divide the participants into two parts. One part arrived in the morning, and the other was afternoon  - for the safety of the guys. There were more than 70 of them. When the guys arrived in the forest, we shared our experiences with them, played, talked, and played Paintball. After that we were able to have a delicious meal and spend time by the fire. We talked about upcoming clubs and events, invited them to our weekly clubs.






The opening of the new ExitNarnia club (Ceadir-Lunga city) was a huge event in the fall of 2020 in the South part of Moldova. It is a great joy for us and an opportunity to be friends and effectively influence the youth there! The teenage club was opened with the help of the Narnia children's and youth Center. At the moment, the ExitNarnia club is regularly visited by 25 young guys and girls. The main task of the club is to be friends with even more teenagers. Coordinators within 5-6 months will form a strong and skillful team to run clubs, identify and appoint a leading team and club leader for the growth of the team and club. We would like to say a HUGE THANK to the Narnia children's and youth Center and its leader for their help in opening the ExitNarnia club and providing premises!

Weekly EXIT –°lubs. During these months, teenage clubs ExitFlash (Svetlyi village), ExitNarnia (Ceadir-Lunga city), ExitBriceni (Briceni city) were organized weekly. Being in a very difficult situation due to quarantine, the volunteers did not give up. On the contrary, observing all the prescribed safety measures and conditions of helding events (temperature measurement, the presence of a mask, room ventilation, a limited number of teenagers in the room), EXIT clubs created an atmosphere of kindness, peace, joy and tranquility, bringing the highest values of life to the hearts and minds of young people. And yes, the ways of delivering important information to young people are quite specific here. 






Studio of Innovation Leadership "SIL". This is a unique “school” for young people who want to grow as leaders. The session takes place in Chisinau once a month. Volunteers (3 persons) of the EXIT Project visit these sessions once a month. This year, it was again decided to help financially the EXIT volunteers (payment for travel in both directions; cost of the session). The EXIT Project tries even in such moments to take care of the all-round growth of volunteers. Each of the volunteers is happy and grateful for this opportunity!

Dinner of the volunteers. Once a month the volunteers of the EXIT project meet for relax time, delicious dinner and hearty “spiritual food”. In October month, the coordinators spent an evening with the ExitBriceni team in the very north of Moldova, driving a little over 350 km one way for. But it was worth it! The team's mood and inspiration for the new season of the clubs were successful! Also in October and November months, meetings of the teams of volunteers of the ExitFlash (Svetlyi) and ExitNarnia (Ceadir-Lunga) clubs took place to meet the teams, spend a fun and useful time in communication. Such meetings unite like-minded people, give “charge” to teams to serve teenagers. Every active volunteer of the EXIT project is looking forward to a monthly team meeting!


The life of the EXIT project goes this way! And all this is happening thanks to you, dear friends and supporters the Project. Many people in Moldova receive a huge amount of blessings due to the fact that your heart is open in generosity, including for Moldova! Thank you!