Jan 2020 F1 HELP

The Great Joy of Christmas

Christmas sub-project EXIT F1 HELP took place in the early days of new Year. Christmas in the villages of our country is celebrated according to the Julian calendar on January 7. And this Christmas time is a great occasion to share Good News and presents with children as well as adults. 25 volunteers from Exit team and the team of the Children's and Youth Center in Svetly “The Light” organized a three-day Christmas Fair for children from three different villages. We have prepared a lot of intellectual and sports games for the kids. Each child received sweets or "Extron" currency for participation and victory in accordance with the results. Later they could visit the Christmas store and purchase what they wanted: toys, sweets and school supplies.







Also, , the Nativity History was presented to everyone at the end of the entire program of each day. Finally, all children received the long-awaited gifts! You can read the joy of their hearts on their faces, what affected everyone who could serve there. Surely, everyone who has been with us for these 3 days will remember them for a long time, since everyone has a lot of emotions and pleasure from the work done. After spending time with the children, we were able to visit the low-income large and poor families and single elders. All participants shared with them the joy of Christmas and gave them a lot of attention.






It was a great pleasure to make happy about 450 children and more than 15 families! Thank to all participants and supporters of the EXIT Project!