F1 HELP Food and Wood

Food and Wood for Those in Need

Thanks to everyone who joined the F1 HELP Sub-Project in December! It is impossible to fully convey in words and photos what you have done for needy and mostly single people!

Over the past month, in 65 houses, people in the villages of Sofiyevka, Chok-Moydan, the city of Taraclia, Etulia raised their hands to the sky, cried with joy and smiled because they were not forgotten in the cold and hungry period. The team of volunteers consisted of about 40 people of volunteers from the project participants, members of local churches, as well as those who generously donated their finances, transportation and time for this event. 






The months of the Pandemic have made all of us put more effort. Many people have already received help thanks to you! the Exit Project directed its efforts December Month again towards additional activities, namely, helping elderly lonely people, most often sick people, who remained in the care of their own destiny. The assistance was provided in the form of food packages with good nutrition food for 2 weeks per person. Also, a team of volunteers prepared firewood for some houses. Firewood plays an important role in the villages: for most elderly people, it is the only way to warm up the house in the cold season, as well as the opportunity to simultaneously cook food on the stoves, where firewood is thrown.





In addition to food packages and firewood, each team of volunteers, with all safety measures, tried to allocate time to communicate with single people, to encourage them, and just to be with them. The pictures show that volunteers had to enter some houses because the elders were in a lying state, or could not walk. It is frightening to see the conditions in which they have to live. It is painful to see their physical condition. And it is even more difficult to look into the eyes, full of suffering and a cry of loneliness.

We have heard many stories about how these people are fighting to survive. Seeing young people who handed them food and firewood, they cried, some simply went into a stupor, not believing their eyes. We found the home of a man who could neither walk nor see. He didn't even ask what kind of people we were. He just shouted for the volunteers to come in, and the first thing he asked was if there was any food. The guys explained that they had brought a huge bag of food to him. He frantically began to feel the bag, and then asked to get him at least some food quickly, because he had not eaten for 4 days...After he had eaten bread with cheese and pate, he talked to us a little and told us that no one is taking care of him. Once a week the social worker comes and gives him something to eat, usually it's a porridge. The guys were left wondering how this is possible in the 21st century. It's a pity, but there are many such stories.







But most of all, the faces of these people were remembered after we left: light and hope appeared in them that there are regardful and caring people in the world who can share the most elementary things with them in such difficult period. 

Liubovi. She has been living alone for a long time. The state allocates a meager salary, for which even food cannot be bought. When she opened the door, her delight knew no bounds. A couple of days ago she was robbed. The robbers did not take anything, since there is nothing special to take in the house. Only the pension was taken away. The woman was left practically without means of subsistence. Despair, anxiety, pain and hopelessness literally overwhelmed her already not joyful life. Seeing a whole bag of food, she began to thank God and those people whom she perceives in no other way, but a miracle. She was amazed how God can see and respond to such, though not spiritual, but everyday and much-needed human needs.

Nadejda. Supports three granddaughters on a small pension, two of whom are schoolgirls. The girls' mother died. She  thanks the kind people for such a food gist.

Grandma Dora (85 years old). She lives with her sick son (diabetic), daughter-in-law and two grandchildren in two rooms. She has been a invalid since her youth, as her husband beat her half to death and her son also. The husband was sent to prison, the son has consequences. She thanks for the food and for the chance to live another month.

There are many more who thank everyone for the warmth, care, food and firewood. These lonely people forgot for a moment that they were not alone. Thank you! May God reward everyone for a good heart and support! And may it will turn out to make many more a little happier in 2021!