May 2019 F1 HELP

Fair for children in Kirsovo

May 4, 2019. A grand event for children in the village of Kirsovo! The mayor of this village was so pleased with the planned event that he allowed the organizers to use the central stadium, where the children's fair was held.



About 60 children played active physical and intellectual games. Everyone was having fun. There were 14 game points. Individual games emphasized the uniqueness and features of each child, and group games taught children how to work in a team. Boys and girls tried to earn special tokens in these games for three hours in order to exchange them after in the store for the prize they liked.


Overwhelmed with emotion, children could stay at a small concert. A clown who brought even more joy and smiles to the children was the main guest of the program. The children did exercises, sang songs, danced and laughed. At the very end a team of organizers from ExitFlach and ExitCongaz clubs made a general photo with children. It was a beautiful day!

Thanks to everyone who supported us and did everything possible to ensure that this event took place!