Apr 2018 F1 HELP

Congaz Village. Playground. Happy Children!

April 28, 2018. Exit volunteer team went to equip a children's playground in the Congaz village. This is the second visit to this place. 45 people from clubs EXIT Flash (Svetlii Village) and EXIT Congaz did their best. Young volunteers together with their leaders were able to clean the area from ​​garbage, prepare and install a swing for the children of this village, install a cool children's sandbox and benches where they can sit and spend their leisure time. The planned work was realized!


In addition to work, participants were able to spend a wonderful time together, having fun, talking and having a snack. Exit Coordinators made a mini-program with awarding of the winners of one of the Exit project games. Also there was one of the famous bloggers of Chisinau at this event, Tatos Karamyan. He participated with a team of volunteers, because he believes that with small steps together we can make our country better.


As a result: joyful children, happy parents, pleased mayor of the village, happy Exit team and equipped playground with small garden instead of garbage dump.


This great team believes that next time they will be able to do something more for these children. EXIT movement does not stop, it brings a lot of good into this world through its sub-project F1HELP. It encourages many people to connect and not be indifferent to the people of the place where they live. Join us!