Nov 2017 F1 HELP

Another F1 HELP social sub project was carried out to help lonely elders this fall.

This time FI HELP took place in the village Beshalma within the framework of the project It was dedicated to lonely grandmothers. 

30 participants of the EXIT project were divided into teams and visited 8 elders, providing them all possible requested assistance and help.  Firewood for the winter period was chopped, yards and houses were cleaned, the kitchen gardens were dug up, the brick stoves were fired up.


And most importantly, all participants spend their time listening and speaking with grandmothers who needed it so much. Their happiness was boundless. In addition to labor assistance, each elder was given a 10-15 kg package with food: cereals, canned food, etc.


Many thanks to all the participants who showed strength and kindness! You came to a strange village and helped absolutely strange elders. Separate gratitude to the mayor of the village Beshalma - Valery Ivanovich - for cooperation and assistance in the organization of this great F1 HELP. Also, a special thanks to the organization "The Beginning of Life" for the provided social packages with food.


 Together we make many people's lives happier and better!