Mar-May 2021

Spreading The Wings

Probably everyone who has participated in the EXIT Project in the last couple of months feels this way. The changing situation with the pandemic, the uplifted team spirit, the enthusiasm of the participants gave a positive charge and opened up opportunities for holding common events for teenagers in the South and North of Moldova. Let's see what we managed to do during this time:

EXIT clubs. The EXIT project organized weekly clubs for teenagers for three spring months in ExitFlash (Svetly village), ExitNarnia (Ceadir-Lunga v.), ExitBriceni (Briceni city). The meetings have become larger and more confident. The team leaders made hikes into the woods and glades, which everyone had been waiting for for so long. Looking back over the past year, most of the club members and leaders appreciated the importance of friendship, understanding, caring, sharing of joyful moments and a sense of team integrity. 








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F1 HELP Sub-project. Thanks to a large number of volunteers and open hearts of friends of the EXIT project, an action of kindness and assistance to people in need was carried out again. This time, in addition to food packages, people also received pillows and blankets. You can read a detailed description of this event here by clicking on the link.


EMPOWER 2021. The team of coordinators and leaders of the clubs took part in this grand event this time not just as students, but also as speakers. This platform inspires, gives new knowledge and prepares teams for summer camps and other events! The EXIT team was honored to briefly tell about the project itself and share experience. We presented the challenge game "ReisedGlovexitmd", and also told how to organize an online quest.




Dinner for volunteers. This evening, which happens once a month, is waiting for all the devoted volunteers of the EXIT project! This is the time for communication, revelations, relaxation, tasty dinner and inspiration! These meetings are special! Thanks to every member of the EXIT team! Your sacrifice and dedication is a huge contribution to the younger generation!




A huge special thanks to everyone who supports the EXIT project. Your involvement is a reliable framework and example that help young volunteers spread their wings in serving others. 

ExitCamp. YES! LONG-AWAITED CAMP! The details about this are written in the next article, which you can read by following the link here.