Dec 2017 Christmas

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

70 joyful faces, a lot of happy voices, a holiday atmosphere in a big family - it is EXIT Christmas Party!

All these people know what caused this great celebration. Exactly! This is the Birth of Jesus Christ! In these holidays, everyone especially wants to share joy, do good to others, support each other and just have a good time in a friendly company.


Club members held an Exit party in the Svetly village. The organizers tried to prepare a special treat and gifts for everyone present. Guests and old friends of Exit were also invited on this evening. Some were able to attend the event directly, and some of them joined with the greetings online via Skype.

This event was also the last in the past year 2017. A beautiful end to the year full of emotions, activities, new solutions and changes for the better.


We are grateful to everyone for participating in this wonderful project!

Thanks to the volunteers for their time and dedication.

Thanks to leaders of the clubs for their responsibility.

Thanks to the project coordinators for their enormous contribution to the development of the Exit project.

And special thanks to all the sponsors for their kind heart and generosity that allow dozens of teenagers in Moldova to feel care and love.

Merry Christmas to everybody!