Aug 2019 Camp

Life changing 8 days

Every person in his life has an event, period or people who leave an indelible mark on their whole life. Read a few lines from the testimonies of the guys who visited the Apocalypse camp this summer.

"Extreme situations influenced me in terms of kindness, understanding, friendliness. Each of us has become an example of altruism, heroism, even in small things. Everyone understood how important it is to have willpower, because of which we survived, defeated ourselves, how else? The weaknesses and strengths of the individuals are visible in such situations and circumstances. I become invulnerable in the spiritual plane, I developed my physical conditions, I cannot be broken. I succeeded." Vasili, 17 y.o., Svetlii village

"Always remain an example for many people, let their heart be won by you, by your trust and love. I believe that two wonderful Exit & Veritas teams can radically change everyone’s life for the better. I thank all the organizers who worked and made this time for each participant unforgettable, best, worth of attention. You made it absolutely great and incredible!" Anonymous

"The camp helped me to learn some things that I would not know in everyday life." Serghei, 23 y.o., Svetlii village

 "I think this camp contributed to take a look at many things from a different angle. For example, I understood how to react to the people around me. And also the fact that victory is not the main thing, but relationship with people is. Victory may come and go away, but other people's attitude towards me returns with great difficulty." Anonymous


Two strong teams Exit and Veritas come together to make the cool "Apocalypse" extreme camp for teenagers and young people in our country this summer. 4 teams with about 80 people went through the various stages of the camp program. Arrangement of their bases, team building, competitions, games, about 40 km of two-days hike through the expanses of beautiful Moldova, funny and instructive communication in the evenings around the fire on topics that affected everyone. And all this is in the spirit of an apocalyptic mood. 







They saw: beautiful nature, friendly leaders, open mentors, good examples of right decisions.
They heard: words of encouragement and support, stories of people who went through a lot, stories that inspired them to change the way of living.





They tried: to be stronger and hardy, to be sharp-witted in circumstances they've never been before, to be useful and helpful for others, to be creative, to have fun in the woods, to be themselves as they are, to be honest. to give more than to take from the others. 
Many decided: to keep their word, to be a true friend, to be responsible for everything that they were trusted, to be strong physically and spiritually, to be heroes, building values and bringing good to this world.







Thank you very much for being with the Exit Project for a long time! Your support opens up opportunities for many young people in Moldova to reveal themselves, their potential and make decisions that radically change their lives for the better!