Dec-Feb 2018

Welcome to the territory of kindness, fun and goals

Greetings, dear friends! We want to please you again with the successful three last months of the Exit project!

As olympic participants, we are always in the right shape, keeping ours spirits up and desire to achieve better results in the goals set.

So, that's what happened during this time.

Weekly Clubs: About 20 meetings took place in clubs Exitflash (Svetlii village) and ExitCongaz (Kongaz village), including Christmas Party, Game Evenings and "Cinema" Evenings.  Two clubs completed the first section of topics "10 formulas for happiness" during the program. SpeedDating completed and secured the subject.


Girls Party took place from 8 to 9 of December. Christmas atmosphere, tasty food, dancing, games, handicrafts and, of course, incessant communication! You can only imagine how cool it was! All together girls had fun, shared joys and emotions, sewed rag dolls, and were able to talk on one of the important topics: "How not to get into the NETs in the NETwork". The goal was to prevent young girls from entering the traffic network and sexual exploitation. The task was to tell about the methods of recruiting on the Internet, to identify the consequences, and to suggest the ways to prevent such problems.


On Christmas Party the most active and permanent members of the  clubs were invited. The game "Extron-money" helped to identify such participants. The organizers of the two clubs prepared a rich program, the atmosphere was unusually wonderful. The motto of the evening was "The most important thing on Christmas is not to open a gift box, but open your heart."


On February 14 a special meeting took place in the club form "The Hero of Our Time". Exitflash hosted ExitCongaz, as well as the Heroes of the program - a young family from Chisinau, Vitali and Natasha Grekov. Because of the talk show, more than 70 young people heard about the history of the relationship between the guest family, the fundamental principles of creating deep and reliable relationship and  true love. 


"Throwing a glove" is an inter-club challenge game that started in February. Its goal is to instill a good habit and learn a new skills through a variety of tasks for young people. Participants receive a task that they must fulfill in a certain time. Now more than 20 teenagers from two clubs participate in it. The game has its own rules, the system of evaluation. The winner will be rewarded with the prize!

Weekly Courses. In 3 months9 lessons in Svetlii village, 7 lessons in Chisinau. Young students continue to study themselves and society. Each lesson is a challenge to be better, stronger, smarter, more innovative, more rational and creative. They learn to work in groups, showing individual qualities and abilities.


F1 HELP subproject pleased many. All participants congratulated on the Christmas holidays not only children with disabilities from District Boarding School UMUT, but also local Children's Center from Svetlii vilage. Additionally, participants visited the family of a former Exitflash member that need support in difficult time of his life. 


Team Building Dinners. The project coordinators organized 3 meetings for EXIT leaders. This is a special time when every dedicated leader can realize the importance of his role in the great mechanism by which our country is getting better. Together all leaders share the dinner, play, sing, rest, solve problems, set new goals, openly recognize disadvantages and plan to fix them in advantages. This time unites and gives new forces to make grandiose changes in the destinies of many people of Moldova.

As usual, Exit team participated in the annual event BATAREICA. 14 leaders. 2 months of preparation. Induction of new skills. Performance of tasks from organizers. An this is the beginning of the list of everything that they did to be the best team among 30 others. One of the tasks for the team was to relax all together in an interesting way. Exit team was more inventive than everyone else. They spent 4 hours at a depth of 36 meters underground in the  cave Cinderella famous across Europe. It took a day and a half for the team to travel 850 km from the South to the North of the Country and back. That's how the team extends the output limits! It was amazing! Thank to Exit team for being one of the best in this annual event!


The delightful life of the Exit Project is the result of the joint action of a large number of people! Many teenagers learn to live with dignity because to the contributions of assistants and volunteers, dedicated leaders, executive coordinators, experienced board members and, of course, sponsors and supporters.

Thank you very much! You are an integral part of the movement, which changes the lives of people for the better!