Dec-Feb 2021

Breaking a new frontier

EXIT CLUBS. The Exit Project celebrated the new year, warmly saying goodbye to the old one. Our clubs continue their activity, observing all precautions and rules established by the state. It's great to see teams strive to be flexible and forward-looking in the face of COVID-19. Each meeting immerses the participants in an atmosphere of kindness, optimism, hope and joy. Here the guys find new friends, answers to difficult and exciting questions, support, and some even a new meaning in their lives. Christmas Clubs can be called as special meetings. As usual, this is a special closed party for the most active and stable visitors of the club. Each teenager was honored to receive a Christmas gist from Switzerland. For which we are very grateful!








There was also another unusual club, which was attended by guests from Canada. Of course the presence of the guests was online via Zoom. Friends from Canada talked to the teenagers of the ExitFlash(Svetly village) and ExitNarnia (Chadyr-Lunga) clubs about sexual relations. There were questions like: the cause and consequences of sexual relations before marriage, the value of a person, the restoration of the spiritual and emotional state of a person in the case of sexual relations before marriage, etc. At the end of the conversation, the guys could anonymously ask a question on the topic, and the speakers answered the questions. This way of communication was a novelty for us. We would like to thank the ShareWord Global Mission, the pastor from the Chisinau Church “Without Walls” Igor Sirbu for his help in translation during preparation and organization, and also Andrei Roshulsky for translation during the online communication. A small gift from the guests for each teenager was the magazine "Spark".



ONLINE TALK-SHOW. The online chat on Instagram took place on December 6. We had a very relevant and interesting guest - the doctor epidemiologist Oksana Konstantinova. The Talk-Show was about the profession of an epidemiologist in the Republic of Moldova, about the current situation in the world, about the coronavirus fakes, how to really protect yourself and not panic. The guest also spoke about her strong principles of life. At the end of the broadcast, we played a “vitamin pack” (a packet of fruits) among the audience.

EXIT PARTY FOR GIRLS. The long-awaited and grandiose event took place on December 19. About 45 girls were present in the building of the Narnia children's center. The program included games, master-classes and art therapy rooms, food, songs and communication. At the master classes, the girls created Christmas wreaths, baked gingerbread and cookies, and also had a unique art therapy. During the art therapy the coach communicated about dreams and goals, opportunities and risks. The participants' answers were reflected in their personal pictures in a pictorial and practical way. Some of the girls touched paints for the first time, some tried to bake cookies for the first time. And some did something for the first time under caring mentorship that they had never experienced in their life before. The girls took their own hand-made Christmas wreaths and paintings with them as gifts. Indeed, the bachelorette party was beautiful, effective and interesting! All the girls were happy, and they are waiting for the next such meeting! 





Sub-Project F1 HELP. In December, thanks to many kind and sacrificial people, it turned out to help the needy lonely old people, about whom you can learn more HERE.

DINNERS and TRAININGS FOR LEADERS. Studio of Innovative Leadership  is a powerful platform for the development of Christian leadership qualities. Once a month 2 volunteers visit this studio, where they not only listen to theory, but also practice. We thank the organizers of SIL for the efforts and training of students. We would like to express our gratitude to the friends of the Exit project who financially support the training of EXIT volunteers.

We gathered again with a full line-up of leaders for a Christmas gala dinner and had an unforgettable evening on December 26. Gifts, fun games, lots of sweets, worship, communication for young volunteers were prepared. Team meetings also took place in January and February. This special time is the time for the rest, recharge, fun and and experience exchange of volunteers from different teams. We shake hands with each volunteer, we are grateful to each person for their strength, time and desire to serve!

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Thanks to everyone who supports the EXIT Project!