Jan 2018 F1 HELP

«Such moments make me appreciate what I have even more » Irina

17 January. Village Ciok-Maidan. District boarding school UMUT for children with Down syndrome, disabilities and those who are from dysfunctional families.


The visit was accompanied by a little excitement. Approximately 40 participants from three EXIT clubs held an event in the big hall of district boarding school "UMUT" for 65 children and some of their parents! We wanted that everything was accessible and understandable for every child.

We had the opportunity to prepare gifts for children. Every child got a special gift box prepared by club participants and leaders, warm hats and socks, and also warm home slippers made by local Moldovan producer OLDCOM.  


Besides, there was a rich program, not long, but full of interesting and unforgettable moments: songs, warm-ups, dancing, competitions, clown participation, funny lottery.


In the end of the program there was a staging that shows that people forget the true meaning of this great event that is called Christmas.

This visit to the children left an indelible impression in the memory and in the saddles of all those who were able to attend there. Nothing can be a better proof than words. Here you can read some of the testimonies:

The meeting with the children was accompanied by special impressions. Their happy smiles and requests to come again are very pleasing to our heart, and encouraged us to come here again. Vadim, program coordinator.

“Because of such activities, I can share with children with something from my inner world. Preparing for them presents, program, I imagined their emotions, their joy, and I was not mistaken, children were happy. Еhey participated with great interest and they expressed their gratitude loudly in applause.” Irina, Exit club leader


“My role was to take a couple of boxes and fill them up for the kids. And I gladly took 6 boxes. I was interested in stuffing them. I was thinking what I can put in there, so to child it would be nice when he opens a gift. And I decided to put the coolest toys there and sweets, the same I received when I was small. I put in gifts my love and mood. I like to give joy. And I was very happy when the organizers offered me to go and participate in the program and give gifts to children.” Stas Advahov, Exit club participant

"I was touched by the children's eyes when we handed them socks, hats and gifts. It was great. I could not look at children without tears and love, who are not able to do what I can do.” Alyona, Exit club participant


“When we received these gifts, we came home, opened them, and each of us had a smile on our face, we jumped for joy. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!” Meradji family

“I really liked the slippers, they are soft. I do not walk well and I really needed them. I do not remove them in the room, THANK YOU! Mihni Mikhail

“As an employee of the center,  I am very grateful. All those who presented in the hall received a lot of excellent mood, joy, pleasant impressions, they felt themselves necessary,  they received attention and warmth. And in the end of the program all they received wonderful gifts. You've done a great job. Thank you, that you decided to come to our village. Our village has not been working with teenagers, children. And people have practically nowhere to go. And the guys from Exit clubs came and made an excellent program for the residents of our village”, Chief of the district boarding school UMUT


We are very grateful to the sponsors for their great support and trust! We are learning to give love and care, we are teaching our club members altruism! We see a feedback!

Let's continue doing great together!