Dec-Feb 2019

The winter passed so quickly

This period of three last months in Exit Project life was full of remarkable events. You can only imagine how splendid, fun, energetic and friendly it was! Some of these events have already been described earlier. But let's make a short review. 

The weekly Exit clubs in three villages of Moldova did not cease their activities even at the height of the winter holidays. Participants attended more than 12 official meetings, where they enjoyed chatting, games, positive mood, hot tea and snacks. Each meeting has a pre-arranged program for 2 hours, in which there is an entertainment part and time to talk on topics with young people. Sometimes there are more than 70 teenagers there. In addition, club leaders provide the opportunity for participants to meet there for board games and watching movies together. The Exit clubs are an alternative opportunity for many teenagers to spend time in an atmosphere without alcohol and bad language, to find friends, to discover their new abilities and talents, to forget about problems, to ask for advice, and perhaps to find answers to many questions. Most Exit club visitors love the project, because here they feel good, no matter what. 




Additionally to weekly clubs, there were two big Sub-Project Events that we call F1 HELP. These are large-scale events, where not only the project volunteers, but also the project participants are involved in helping those in need. One of the planned events was held in the Svetly village, where all the participants helped to prepare houses of lonely elders for the winter period. Following the link you can learn more about this event. The second event was held for the children of the Rumyantsev Village Christmas time. Children and their parents were so happy! Here you can also learn more about it.



There was also a great Christmas Party for all Exit Project participants. Thanks to the Social Center for Children and Youth in Svetly village, Exit Project has always the opportunity to held large-scale inside events in their big hall, gathering all participants and volunteers. Tap the link to read more about Christmas Party. 


It is impossible not to mark a joint meeting of ExitFlash and ExitCongaz, dedicated to the Day of Lovers. More than 60 teenagers made that evening special and festive. There was also a unique meeting dedicated only to the boys of the club, where they could compete in strength, intellectual abilities and just have fun.



Every month the project organizers and volunteers gather for joint time. It is necessary to everyone, who devotes himself to the benefit of others, to be recharged.
Thanks to all supporters and friends, who always participate in life of Exit Project. We wish you great success in each day, and let you be rewarded for everything you've done for young people in Moldova!