Aug 2021 Camp

7 days of EXTREMEly joyful life

August 9, about 50 teenagers, accompanied by the leaders and organizers of the EXIT Project, set off for an unforgettable journey through the vastness of our beautiful country, Moldova. It was 7 days journey when the guys had to become tight-knit teams, believe in themselves, go through endurance tests, show their abilities, try new things, and most importantly, reach the goal. During the first 3 days, both teams went through the quest hike, playing competitive games. It was a great opportunity to find a way to use a compass, navigate maps, crossing picturesque fields, hills, protected areas of forests, ravines and rocks. Climbing in the Old Orhei Region was a separate activity that impressed the participants. This was a watershed moment for some of them, as they overcame their fear of heights and learned how to use special equipment following the instructions of professional climbers. The thirst for victory and the promised prize to the winner undoubtedly fueled the desire to be better and faster. So, more than 30 trodden kilometers turned out to be not such a great distance!












The guys spent the next 4 days at the base equipped for the Extreme camp. It was a time of true fun, lots of games, communication with each other and their leaders and mentors, delicious and hearty food, songs and reflections around the fire, lively laughter and a friendly atmosphere that some of the young people felt only here, being in the camp. Looking through the next shots, it is impossible not to plunge into the bouquet of emotions that the guys were experiencing. After all, everything is calm here, everyone is equal, everyone is accepted, everyone is welcome.















Daily communication was held in teams for young participants, where the leaders talked about Christian values in life, answered the teenager’s questions of interest, shared their life experiences and focused their attention on the opportunity to change, make their life better and happier, no matter what difficulties each of them has to face it already at such an early age. 



The EXIT Project has been working for teenagers from different villages of Moldova for about 15 years. Here's another Exit Summer Camp behind us!

The EXIT project is really blessed! Blessed with new changed destinies and lives of young people! Blessed with a constantly renewing team of volunteers who are ready to serve! Blessed with a permanent team of organizers and coordinators! Blessed with FRIENDS and SUPPORTERS, thanks to which the EXIT Project can be implemented! The EXIT project is very grateful to everyone who gets involved! Special thanks to the EuroAsia Mission, which in every possible way contributed this time to the camp, investing in the development and inspiring new leaders to serve, as well as participating financially in this large Project! All together we are investing invaluable in the new generation of our country with the hope that one day this will contribute to changing the life of the whole country! 

Thank you for being with us!

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